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When in Doubt, Swagg it Out!

 Swaggin it out in my Chemo chair



ChemoSwagg was a vision that I had while I was going through Breast Cancer treatments from 2017-2019. I had been diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer and it shook up my whole world. Because of my Faith, I made the decision that I was going to take control of the disease before it took control of me.

Trying to find comfortable and stylish clothes was a whole other issue. Everything online that I found related to Cancer was very stiff, sterile and boring! I could not believe that finding comfortable and stylish clothes for Cancer patients was so hard.

I have always been a “Class Clown” of sorts and love to make people laugh. Going through a year of Chemotherapy, month of Radiation and a couple of surgeries was just too much. I was still a jovial person on the inside but when I looked in the mirror, I only saw death. #realtalk

I decided that I needed to change my attitude! I started looking for cute hats and shirts to wear to treatments, embraced my Beautiful bald head(#WakandaForever), made silly music videos while hooked up to my chemo IV and continued to wear my signature Red lipstick and cat eye. I felt horrible physically, but the more that I spoke “Life and Healing” into my situation, I started to notice a change. Sharing my journey as I was going through it was so therapeutic for me. I never realized until later, that God was using my story to help and heal others as well.

Cancer is a blessing. I know how that sounds, but it's true! If Cancer had not invaded my life, I would have never realized that somewhere along the way, I had forgotten Self-Love, Forgiveness and how to live life to the fullest!

Cancer wreaked havoc on my body but it couldn’t touch my spirit. There were days that I could barely walk into treatment. That’s when my spirit would take over! I would put on a cute Beanie(or one of my other swaggy hats), throw on a bold lipstick and march into that treatment ready for the FIGHT! Ready to fight for my life and to help uplift the other FIGHTERS around me.

My Cancer Journey was never about me, It was always about so much more! God will always get the Glory!

I hope you enjoy what Chemoswagg has to offer. It’s not just for folks in the fight! Chemoswagg is for anyone who has ever felt lost or needed a reminder of how strong and wonderful they are! Smile through your circumstances and try to find the joy in times of sorrow! You never know how that will affect your SPIRIT or someone else’s.


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